Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving is done..

So Thanksgiving is done and gone but for sure thanking God for everything is a day to day event of my life. Thanking for having a very good husband is a day to day prayer, thanking for family and friends is part of my daily prayer as well.
So thanksgiving is not only for a day but it is a 365 days event. But hey did you do Black Friday shopping? For me, I did not start this tradition yet. I'd rather lounge in the comfort of our home after Thanksgiving day. I do not have anything that I want that I have to go gaga and bustle every person in the store to get a thing. Today is cyber Monday I may take a peek of some good deals over websites that I like to purchase some things for my camera ^_^.
Sunday is the first day of Advent and last night I was preparing for my advent wreath. Advent means "coming" and in this season who we are anxious to celebrate his birthday but Jesus! So take a good look of your priorities do not let the shopping and acquiring material things overwhelm you because one way of celebrating JESUS birthday is through prayer.

This is what I come up last night and I am not yet satisfied of my wreath. I think I have to get the big white candle in the middle so the candle would stand up straight. ^_^

 Yesterday, I tried to make our 7 foot Christmas tree stand. It is not  a pre-lit tree and thinking about the hustle of putting the lights and decoration make me tired. I told hubby I am not going to do it I like a pre-lit Christmas tree. Hubby took our small ceramic Christmas tree in the basement and here it is my two feet Christmas tree. I might get a pre-lit Christmas tree today and for sure it would not be as big as seven feet, lol!

                                           LInking to Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday


SmilingSally said...

I love your ceramic prelit tree. In fact, I have one almost like it. Mine is white, and my mother made it for me many years ago.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Kim.

Karen said...

Oh yes, prelit Christmas tress are so easy, I really dislike stringing lights on the tree!

Cafe au lait said...

These are pretty!

I played too. Mine are here and here.

Janet said...

We got a prelit tree last year and love it. I like the ceramic one too, an no,I didn't shop either but instead rested at home on Black Friday. Black Friday just seems to have become the antithesis of the Christmas season.

LV said...

I have a ceramic tree like yours. I have had for many years. Probably be the only one I put out.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Yung ganyan kong tree ate, nabasag! Love your advent candles.

As always, your comment makes me giddy!

Luna Miranda said...

i like your prelit Xmas tree--i have a 3-feet LED Xmas tree which i haven't unpacked yet, too lazy to do any Christmas decor.:(

JunieRose2005 said...

I think your decorations all look lovely!

I have a Mellow Yellow and also a Ruby Tuesday 2 post this week-all at Junie's Place!

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